1.  AII drivers have to be over 18, and bearers of a valid drivind license
  2. All passengers must be over 12.
  3. Driving a quad is not an intuitive skill, and it doesn't have much similarities to a car or motorcycle. Each driver is required to pass basic training
  4. Quad drive is much more demancing than driving car. Thus, quad should not be driven if the person deosn't feel well, or he/she feels tired.
  5. Every driver is responsible of the driver next to him/her. This system is called 'buddy system' and it is additional safety measure.
  6. In order to keep the drive safe, driver has to be in good physical and psychic condition.
  7. Convenient shoes required too. No high heels, or open-toe sandals.
  8. Alcohol or drugs usage is strictly forbidden before and during the quad tour  drive
  9.  In case the driver notices any kind of inappropriate behavior, or suspects in drug or alcohol abuse he/she is entitled to exclude the person from the tour.
  10. All drivers and passengers have to read and sign Terms of condition of the rental contract, and sign 'the Disclaimer' as well as acceptance at overall risk of driving a quad
  11. Before the begining of the drive, drivers have to sign desposit confirmation as well to leave one.
  12. In cases of eventual damage, driver shall be detained in police station and shall be subjected to the legal procedure of Montenegro until the damage is reimbursed(in cases the deposit doesn't cover the damage) 
  13. It is strictly forbidden to use mobile phone during the drive. There are certain locations planned for photo stops. Taking photos is allowed when quads are parked and the engine is off. During the drive  cell phones have to be placed in back compartment of the vehicle.
  14. Don't do anything that can distract safe driving, and always keep both hands on steering wheel. One hand drive is not allowed.
  15. Quads aren't vehicles equipped with roll bars, neither with cabins. So, the only protection is equipment you wear. Please note that head protection is vital. That is the reason why driver and passenger mustn't take the helmet off.
  16. Minimal distance between 2 quads must be 5 meters.
  17. Please don't leave keys in the lock while the quad is unattend 

Please note that it is forbidden

Alcohol or drug abuse while operating the vehicle
Mobile telephone usage during the drive
Taking photos during the drive
Operating the steering wheel when tired

We keep safety first

  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Keep your legs firmly on the stand
  • Relax your elbows when driving
  • Practise easy start
  • Test quad reactions when you press accelerator/brake
  • Quads have completley different rules of driving