Luštica Fortress

This tours takes you to three of Lustica's Austro-Hungarian forts: Fort Grabovac, Fort Lustica and Fort Kabala. Exploring these abandoned forts is a fascinating way to explore Montenegro's history. You can wander the halls and learn about how these series of fortresses helped the Austro-Hungarian Empire repel attacks. Since these forts were built in a time before phones, it was key they could see each other. Built on the top of hills, you'll also get impressive views out over the Bay of Kotor, the Adriatic Sea and Lustica's seemingly-endless olive groves.

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 Tour duration: 2-3h
 Season:All year
 Tour Difficulty: Moderate
 Total tour: 58,3 km
Adults solo
Shared per person
* All prices are per person
* Price include licensed guide and fuel
* Plus €10 per person insurance
* Drivers licence B category obligatory

What is included

  • Equipment: helmets, gloves
  • Water
  • Guide in English


  • Arrival and return to the place of accommodation
  • Lunch or barbecue in nature

What to take

  • Quality shoes
  • Clothes adapted to weather
  • Adventure spirit