Our fleet

We represent superior quality!


We took a lot of different quad bikes for test drives in order to find the best machines for our guests.


Our choice is STELS Guepard 850 and TGB Blade 650. The machines are of superior quality and perfect for those looking for comfort and easy handling.


All are factory made double seater’s with plenty of room for 2 people each, great suspension designed for safety and to minimize body roll.


Transmission is fully automatic, which makes the bikes very easy to use. Additionally they have both hand break for the front, foot break for the back, and a very strong engine break.


Our quads are both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive, you will have to change between drives during our tour depending on the terrain we are crossing. Once in the mountain we switch from high drive to low drive, giving the machine more torque, for a slower and smother ride up the elevations.


We take pride in having our bikes professionally maintained and regularly inspected in our workshop. We do our best to keep them inspected and in top conditions for your safety and comfort.